This book teaches you all you need to know about easy screen printing, with easy we mean really easy. In over 50 projects, this book is carefully designed to make you a printing pro, step-by-step! Available in Dutch (English is sold out!). More below.
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  • 256 full color pages of step-by-step screen printing fun
  • over 50 projects; from super easy and quick to excitingly challenging
  • collaborations with 14 artists from all over the world
  • a separate magazine with printing templates of all these artists. With these templates you can easily prepare and cut your own stencils.
  • a free personal download with an instruction video and all the digital templates as well
  • all you need to become an easy-screen-printing-pro!

This book is available in Dutch (English is sold out) and carefully designed to take you through the entire process from idea to result.

Learn everything about: all the tools you need, materials to print on, making your own stencils, color theory, unleashing your print brain, using guides and playing around with templates.

Master the following techniques: printing multi colored prints, aligning your screen, print fine lines and bold shapes, printing letters and much more.

Get inspired by 14 illustrators. And of course we haven't left out the care&clean guide, frequently asked questions and our favorite resources.

The book comes with a magazine with the templates of 14 illustrators. With these templates you can easily prepare and cut your own stencils.

Fotini Tikkou
Celina Bailey
Lisa Manuels
Mara Piccione
Caroline Corrigan
Hello Marine
Stephanie Aubin
Fran Ampersand
Betsy Petersen
Miss M
Taynee Tinsley
Mark Conlan
Jennifer Bouron

The Ultimate Easy Screen Print Book is 23x30x2,5cm/9x11,7x1” and has a hardcover. Full color, top quality, printed locally, fair and with consideration for the environment.

Here are a few snippets from reviews:

'Barbara! Wanted to write you after receiving the book to first and foremost congratulate you for the incredible piece of art and love you created! Every detail, the packaging, the design shows so much caring, it is truly amazing!'

'I finally received your book and I’m over excited! I knew it was going to be good, but it exceeded my expectations. It’s like happiness spreading from every page. I can really feel the passion you put in your work, which is quite a rare thing to feel then reading a book.'

'Honestly it’s INCREDIBLE! It’s so beautiful, colourful and amazing quality. About a thousand times more amazing than I ever imagined.'

'It is as if you are sitting next to me and taking me through the entire process.'