The online course where you learn everything to start your screen printing adventure! A digital and self-paced course from Barbara aka Bobbinhood. More info below.
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We will take you on your very own screen print adventure. Learn all about the materials you need, making multi layered designs, aligning your prints and much, much more. Barbara will guide you through the entire process and teach you all the tips and tricks she knows, it's like getting a private workshop in your living room, studio or wherever you are! 

When: you can start anytime! Purchase the course in the shop and we’ll personally grant you access. The Ultimate Easy Screen Printing course is a self paced course. Every time you finish a lesson, a new one will unlock!

Everybody can (learn how to) easy screen print. We know this for a fact having taught years of offline workshops to over 2000 people. :) You don't need any experience to follow this workshop. The course will be taught in English.


  • how to prepare and cut your stencils

  • the basics of easy screen printing

  • making variations within a print

  • how to align multiple layers (we go all the way up to five!)

  • all about anchors

  • using a guide

  • printing lines

  • composing your print

  • washing your screen

  • fixating your prints

  • and waaaaay more!


In eight videos we’ll teach you the basics of easy screen printing. With three different projects you’ll learn to use your tools like a pro and we share all our tips and tricks. 

  • detailed step-by-step videos
  • pdf templates of all the projects + SVG files if you prefer using a cutting machine
  • mixing recipes to mix your colors  
  • bonus movies for cutting your stencils, cleaning your screen and fixating your prints

After this course you will be a confident easy screen printer. Oh and most likely be jumping up and down ready to start your next screen printing project, it's addictive like that! Don't say we didn't warn you ;)

Please note: This digital workshop is not refundable. iPad not included ;)
You will receive an order confirmation right away. After that it can take up to 3 days to get access to the course because we manually make sure you have all the info to get started.
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