Aaaall the stars & lightning with these pre-cut stencils. Our waterproof stencils are eco friendly, yay! Oh and the best is you can use them over and over again, a gazillion times! See details below.
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Skip cutting your own stencils and go straight to screen printing with these pre-cut stencils!

About this print:

  • size print star: 7,1x6,8cm - 2.8x2.7inch
  • size print star: 5,5x10,2cm - 2.1x4inch
  • 4 stencils, one for each layer
  • these pre cut stencils are 18x28cm and fit our Maxi screen
  • level: easy
  • design by: @bobbin.hood

Our stencils are waterproof and can be used over and over again.

This design is also available in small. Want more pre-cut stencil goodness? Check them all out here!