easy screen print kit Mega limited edition


This is our limited edition mega screen. This screen is extremey suitable for the somewhat experienced printer or the brave beginner.
The cool thing about this silkscreen kit is that you can make sharp, awesome lookin’ prints without the hassle of photo emulsions and dark rooms. Plus you can use your screen over and over again for different designs without cleaning and prepping them with weird chemical stuff. This technique is excellent for some easy yet awesome domestic production.

The kit contains:
-high quality screen (32x40cm, max. print approx. 26X34cm)
-10 waterproof reusable sheets cut supe easy by hand (also very suitable for the Sillhouette Cameo or comparable electronic cutting/plotter tool)
-100ml eco friendly black screenpainting ink
-step-by-step manual

Our kits are 100% handmade locally with certified materials.

There will only be a couple of batches of this size available.

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