Wednesday November 23-8pm CET Artist Betsy Petersen will teach a 1 hour workshop to help us create collages, inspired by Matisse's later work and in her ‘comfortable, no pressure’ style.. More info below.
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UNLEASH YOUR CREATIVITY with this amazing 1 hour workshop by Artist Betsy Petersen.

Betsy Petersen is an illustrator based in Northern Michigan, US. She aims to create a perfect combination of art that both kids and adults love, Betsy designs products and original artwork that people enjoy for a lifetime. Betsy has collaborated with Madewell, West Elm, Bala Kids x Penguin Random House, Lovevery, Papyrus, Minnetonka Moccasins, Chatbooks, Nugget Play Couches, Alice & Ames, Childhoods Clothing, Tubby Todd, Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine, Bravery Magazine, Wunderkin Co. and more. 

Betsy is also co-founder and artist at Brighter Fun, a children’s learning product company. In addition to creating and launching products there, she has also teamed with Bala Kids Publishing to illustrate 3 children’s books, distributed by Penguin-Random House. 

In her workshop she will create collages with us, inspired by Matisses later work and in her ‘comfortable, no pressure’ style. You will be able to work both materials you already have in your home.

Wednesday November 23-8pm CET (we will send you a recording so you can (re)join it at the time of your convenience).