Learn everything from making your stencils to printing 5 layers and everything in between!



Become an easy screen print-pro in 4 lessons + bonuses, at your own pace.

Do you...

        • want to print your own t-shirt, sweater, postcards, pillows, posters, socks, what ever!
        • love making things, but chemical free please!!
        • want to learn something new step-by-step with good guidance or you want to refresh your screen printing skills
        • want to follow a course at your time, in your pace
        • feel done with fast fashion and ready to looove your clothes again
        • want to make things at home or anywhere without making a mess
        • love to screen print but want to skip the hassle of dark rooms and chemicals
        • want to work with materials that are safe for you and the environment

I started easy screen printing because...

I loved screen printing but not the chemicals and not the endless preparing
I had screen printed at the fashion academy and loved the actual printing, but hated the preparations and the chemicals. It seemed like too much pollution and hassle for me.
I wanted to print cool stuff for my kids and myself
My daughter came up with a super fun idea that I couldn't find and I really wanted to make things myself because making is good for your soul :) I wanted it to be an easy set up and something I could do at home, or anywhere, without an expensive and huge set up. That is how I developed our kit: easy, fun and it would last forever. No chemicals needed!
I was looking for a way to print all the colors with one screen
The cool thing about easy screen printing is that you’ll just need one screen to print alllll the colors!
I needed the things I made to last and to be environmentally friendly
I wanted to make things that I could wash over and over again (let’s say my kids are drawn to mud within 3 seconds of wearing something fresh) and could cherish forever, some of the things I made are now going to the 4th kid! Also when I print on paper I wanted the colors to stay vibrant!

No idea where to start?

In 4 lessons I will teach you to be a screen print pro!! The last few years we have been teaching over 2000 people how to easy screen print! Let me show you some awesome results (well all results were awesome but we can't show them all, find more on IG #wearebobbinhood)

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What to expect?

In four lessons (+ bonuses) and three extremely fun projects we will teach you aaaaall you need to know. From cutting your stencils to printing, aligning multiple layers and more. Barbara herself teaches you all her tips & tricks, like getting a private workshop in your living room, studio or wherever you are!
        • detailed step-by-step videos
        • pdf templates of all the projects + SVG files if you prefer using a cutting machine
        • mixing recipes to mix your colors
        • bonus movies for cutting your stencils, cleaning your screen and fixating your prints
After this course you will be confident to print and use your kit to the max. Oh and most likely be jumping up and down ready to start your next screen printing project! Don't say we didn't warn you ;)



The 4 course chapters

If you are not in the mood for cutting your stencils, no worries, we got you covered, we also offer them as pre-cut stencils so you can start printing right away! Yay!


Who is this course for?

Do you want to learn how to easy screen print? Step-by-step aaand with good guidance? Or you want to refresh your screen printing skills? This course is for you! I take you through the entire process and promise to leave you inspired to make the most awesome things!


The result

After this course you will be able to print away like a pro. You’ll know how to cut your stencils, how to arrange the layers and print many different layers. You will also know all about guides, anchors and printing outlines. And ofcourse I also teach you how to clean and care for your screen and how to fixate your print so you can enjoy them forever! Easy screen printing is truly easy. You just have to know what to do and that's what I am here for! I will teach you all my tips and tricks!