CREATIVE WORKFLOW - digital download

Get more done by celebrating your process! 19 different theme cards and 5 blanks give you all you need to flow through your day and week.
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The Creative Workflow is developed to help your creativity flow, whether you are a happy hobbyist, a confident creative entrepreneur or anything in between. With this digital download you print it yourself, have it printed by a print shop or order the cards at moo. You can simply follow the step-by-step print guide that comes with the download.

This download comes with all the 19 theme cards only. The box (see here) also comes with note cards, reward cards and happy cards (affirmation cards) and box (and shipping costs :)).

Tested with heaps of creatives, this Creative Workflow makes you celebrate your creativity day after day. No more to do lists that only seem to get longer, learn how to celebrate your creative process, confetti included.


  • super handy print guide
  • A4 and LETTER files to print at home or at the print shop
  • files to have them printed and cut at MOO

Read all about it the creative workflow in our blogpost or subscribe to our new and special Creative Workflow newsletter where Barbara helps you set up your Creative Workflow in 5 easy steps.

“Being overwhelmed by all the different tasks there are and never feeling truly satisfied with what I had done that day, I designed the Creative Workflow. I realized we have to name the different things we do, and by naming them, make time for them. Instead of running from one thing to another just to get things done.

By seeing all the tasks together as one creative flow, I’m convinced we get more done and feel more creativity. We came up with 19 general themes that we tested together with other creatives, on the back of every card is confetti - to celebrate when you have given attention to one of the tasks. Because we all need confetti.

The creative workflow is not about getting things done that day, it is about giving attention. It is a BIG game changer seeing all the attention you give as part of the process and enjoying that journey every single day.”
- Barbara de Ru aka Bobbinhood