As you can read in this blogpost we had our first free creative workflow calendar last year where we added a weekly workflow chart. It helps us create a rhythm in our work. We loved it but also missed a step between our CWF week board and our calendar sooooo… here we present our new and improved 2020 free calendar.

We have it set up like this:
In the middle the monthly calendar. We use this for daily events like: birthdays, who comes in when, meetings, live feeds, workshops, etc etc, your regular calendar stuff.
On the left is our weekly focus; the themes we are focussing on per week.
On the right is our workflow chart: every month we name a max of 3 themes we want to work regularly on. These are themes we have trouble with giving regular attention, this work chart helps us to make these themes part of our daily/weekly flow!

At the end of each week we evaluate and color-in the themes we worked on. I love that part haha!

We love how our calendar is now in sync with our Creative Workflow. Lemme show you: The weekly focus (left) is the starting point for our weekly CWF and helps us plan the themes for the week in detail.

It is amazing how this calendar helps us with the bigger focus and at the same time helps to zoom in on our daily activities + and I am always game for a good color chart to keep track of our journey!